There are a few different types of prescription that you can request at our surgery, so the protocol for requesting and recieving these prescriptions differ slightly with each type of prescription.

Hospital and Private prescriptions

If you have been referred to a hospital or seen a private consultant the Doctors there can sometimes give you a prescription that you can request at our practice.
Please note that as per NHS reccommendations, the practice may be unable to convert private prescriptions into NHS prescriptions. You may therefore have to bear the cost of any prescription written by your private consultant.
For a private prescription to be converted to a hospital prescription, you should allow a minimum of 48 hours so that your consultant can pass on the full information to the surgery.
Any prescriptions from NHS hospitals should be obtained from the hospital and given to us. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours before picking up these prescriptions so that information can be passed on from the hospital to the surgery. 
Both private and NHS hospital prescriptions can take up to 2 weeks to process.

Repeat prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions are those which appear on the white part of your prescription. Repeat prescriptions can be requested in any of the following ways:
  • Online:All NHS patients can apply for repeat prescriptions online via the site. To use this service you must collect you login details from the surgery Visit this page for more information on how you can use this service and what you need to apply for it.

  • Fax: Yo can send us a fax at 0208 905 4638 to request your prescription.
  • Written request: You can provide us with a written request for the prescription specifying the exact medication including dose and amount. Please include your name, address and date of birth with this request so we can send it to the right person. You can also request for your prescription to be posted to your house with this request, but you must provide a stamped envelope with your address.
  • Through a pharmacy: You can arrange for a local pharmacy to either pick up your prescriptions or recieve them electronically so that you can pick them up there instead. However you must arrange this directly with your pharmacy.
  • Reception: By putting your repeat prescription request in the box placed opposite to receptionists desk.

Repeat prescriptions can be collected from reception after a minimum of 48 hours and can only be issued for items on your repeat prescription list - for all other items please make an appointment to see your doctor. You do not need to see a doctor regarding a repeat prescription. This policy has been instigated to avoid errors and to protect you. 

We aim to provide all repeat medications for 2 months at a time as per PCT guidelines. If appropriate, the surgery will request you attend an annual medication review. If you recieve such a request by letter or as a note on your prescription, please book an appointment with your usual doctor.

Restarting medications or starting new medications

Any medications which you have previously been prescribed but are not on your repeat list are known as restarts. Please note we are looking to minimise the number of restarts after a review of our prescribing policies.

A doctor will review any restarts or new medications. If appropriate, they will put the medication onto your repeat prescription list and issue the medication. We are aware this may lead to some delays in obtaining some of your medications.

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours before collecting any restarts.